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Trinity College London DipTESOL course by distance

The DipTESOL is a qualification accredited at level 7 of the UK National Qualifications Framework.  The course encourages practising teachers to broaden their knowledge in aspects of TESOL and to enhance their teaching skills by becoming reflective practitioners.

Our Trinity validated course runs over 30 taught weeks, with a final written exam on a date set by Trinty College London.  The course is tutored mainly online through the VLE called Moodle.  Every week course participants are required to complete reading, research and other tasks on a set topic.  Many of the tasks are collaborative, to be completed in pairs or groups with fellow course participants.  You will need to be able to keep up with weekly tasks but you will not have to complete tasks on any specific day.  This allows flexibility for teachers who wish to continue to work while studying.  There are Saturday workshops at which you can share ideas and this is where most of the phonology input is delivered.  Attendence at these workshops is compulsory, so it is essential that you make a note of the published dates at the beginning of the course in order that you can attend.  There are regular breaks from Moodle over holidays such as Christmas, Easter and in the summer.  However, you will still be required to work on written projects, complete practice essays or grammar questions and, generally, catch up with any outstanding tasks or reading.  The DipTESOL course does require solid commitment and it is essential that candidates are able to allocate sufficient time to their study. 

The course consists of 4 Units, which are all covered throughout the course: 

Unit 1 is based on everything that you learn during the course, with the main focus on methodology and grammar, and ends with a written exam set by Trinity College London at the end of the course.

Unit 2 consists of 3 projects (each in the region of 3,000 words).  These projects are internally assessed and then moderated centrally by Trinity College London.  You will complete your first assignment (the Observation Instrument) during the course.  You then have a choice as to when you complete the remaining 2 assignments.  You may complete within the time-frame of the course or you may wish to defer until after the written exam. Assignments are only moderated by Trinity once all 3 projects have been completed.

Unit 3 is phonology-based and ends with a 30-minute interview with the Trinity examiner, usually on the day of your external teaching assessment.

Unit 4 comprises: teaching observations, mostly assessed by a tutor from TESOL South West Ltd; one final lesson, assessed by an external Trinity examiner; a teaching practice journal, assessed internally and then moderated by the Trinity examiner.  Unlike many similar distance courses on the market, you are not required to travel anywhere (with the exception of the face-to-face workshops and the final written exam) to complete the course.  All of your teaching assessments will take place with your own students at your own place of work.  (Please note the Trinity requirement of a minimum number of 8 students in each group.  Should you not have a group of 8 students or more, you will forfeit the right to complete Unit 4, unless you can make arrangements at another Centre.) 

Further details of the Trinity DipTESOL syllabus and course requirements can be found on the Trinity College London website at www.trinitycollege.com  

Tutors will travel to your own place of work to conduct teaching assessments.  For this reason, if you are teaching in excess of 75 miles from your workshop location, a supplement may be payable.  Please enquire further if this applies to you.  We operate a staged payment scheme upon request.  Please enquire further if you are interested in this. 

Trinity examination fees are payable in addition to the course fees.  (2016 examination fees for all 4 units for candidates in the U.K. amounted to £360.)  These fees are payable at least 8 weeks before the Unit 4 external assessment date.  Should you need to defer or re-take any unit for any reason, additional fees will apply.  

Help with course fees may be available through the Salary Sacrifice Scheme.  More information is available on the following website:


TESOL South West Ltd. is also registered with the Skills Funding Agency, from whom it may be possible to acquire a Professional & Career Development Loan (PCDL). 

For further enquiries, please contact Gill Potter, Course Director at: gill.potter@tesolsouthwest.com